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Welcome to the Bunches Of Treasures Studio! My goal is to bring your life into focus, add a splash of color, and maybe a pinch of sophistication! I hope that you would do me the honor of recording your history in photographs.
I also am pleased to bring to you my other media of interests in my Portraiture for custom order and my Artisan Jewlery.

Feel free to meandor through the galleries and if I have photographed your event or loved ones, then you will be able to find those with the link provided and access them securely if you have chosen a privacy option. Please share that link with friends and family via facebook, Twitter, Google+ or word of mouth.

I am able to offer to you at a discounted price, the photos of your choice, digital downloads and a series of wonderful gift items with your cherrished memories imprinted on them.

If I did not take your photos, but you see some fabulous gift idea that you want to have something printed on, then email it to me free of charge and I will post it for your selection to purchase.

Enjoy & God Bless!

Gena Bunch-Epperson
Bunches Of Treasures

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Matthew Susner(non-registered)
Very nice and very creative pieces,your jewelry is stunningly beautiful.
nice, beautiful job, I know you worked hard on this
Bunches Of Treasures Studio
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