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A Study of Loving Hands.

Tissues at the ready? (You know who you are...) Really? STOP already. No tears! Only wonderful memories and smiles.
Now, see the entry in the guestbook below.
To order this book of Grandma's Hands, go to BUY above and select ONLY ONE photo, any one will do. DO NOT choose 'All 23 photos'.
Click Slideshow to watch through all the pages with music. de-select the Auto box to get rid of the details box in the slideshow. And please share it with other friends and family who knew her or knew of her, via email or facebook.
Love You All & Enjoy!
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Guestbook for Grandma's Hands
Linda Myers
Thank you so much for the lovely collection of my Mothers hands. She would have loved the presentation. I am waiting for a copy and will treasure it.
You are truly an artist.
Very well done.
Much love.
Cheryl Steeples Glidewell (Family)(non-registered)
What a wonderful idea and such beautiful pictures of your well as having your mothers talents with drawing and painting, it seems you also carry your fathers talents with a camera, this is beautiful and such a unique idea...thank you for sharing
Bunches Of Treasures Studio
Hello Family & Friends,
Some of you got to see this in digital form at the reunion. If you saw it, you will note that it looks a little different now. I found a company that allowed me to edit the pages with more freedom, slightly larger book and adding some pizzazz to each page. It is an 8x8 format and you can order a soft cover or a hard cover.
You can order these right from here. To order the BOOK, select ONLY ONE picture and then I will order them for you and deliver them to you or send them out if you are far away. If I deliver it to you then choose Hand Delivery. Shipping has already been added into the price of the book from the company. If I have to ship it to you, then please choose standard shipping cost to cover postage from here to you.
The company allowed me to download the pdf version for free, but it had this PREVIEW water mark on it. Long story short, I turned each page into a jpeg and posted them here in an album so you could see what you are getting and see the slideshow. I had so much fun doing this!
I love you all!
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