Bunches Of Treasures Studio | Portrait Pricing


ORDER FORM -Graphite/pencil Drawings Total
Basic Portrait is one subject--head/shoulders pose or pet
  Size 8x10 ($100) <4to6hrs> -Single subject, head & shoulders only. __________
    11x14 ($150) <6to8hrs>       __________
    14x17 ($200) <8to10hrs>       __________
    Larger (negotiated prices)     __________
  Each additional subject ($75) X__________     __________
  Intricate fur or clothing patterns ($25)   __________
  Clothing pattern of chosen pose can be manipulated.    
  Personalize portraits with insignias      
    or personal logos, a favorite item. ($10-$25/ea.) __________
Basic Architectural Study of a home-- Front or 3/4 view
  Size 11x14 ($250) includes selected foliage.   __________
    14x17 ($300) includes selected foliage.   __________
  Abundance of foliage-- Woods type ($25-$50) __________
  Each additional view of the home ($50 to $75) depending __________
    on detail/angles etc. X__________     __________
            Sub-Total __________
            Sales Tax __________
            Total   __________
    25% due upon placing order (non-refundable) __________
    balance due upon satisfaction & delivery __________
          Plus S&H if mailed __________
          Total Due   __________
  *Allow 2-3 weeks delivery based on artist's demand, all  
    orders are filled in the order they were received.  
  ** Please enclose photo with order or arrange with artist.