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Created 7-Sep-12
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This is some of the artisan jewelry that I have created. They are wearable pieces of art. The jewelry that I create is built from the ground up like a piece of collage. I use bezels, resins, dyes, washers, dominoes, eggshells, spinner blades, beads, clay, wire and found objects to name some. My work is unique and one of a kind (ooak). There are a few that I will make multiple of like my glow in the dark bottles and some childrens pieces and postage stamp work. Otherwise what you see is what you get.

My work is usually between $12 and $45, shadow box pieces in the watch cases are more and I can custom do memory pieces for you with a picture and G'mas rings in it for instance or locks of hair. On that note, I also create memory jewelry with locks of hair or loved ones ashes incorporated into the jewelry.

If you see something you like but would like it in another color scheme or different colored wire please email me with colors and inquiries for price.

All necklaces will be shipped with your choice of Adjustable black satin cord (16ish-26ish inches), Silver ball chain, or 15+ inch adjustable size silver open curley Q collar ($10 extra charge for collar) unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for looking!
Jessies Cross-Display onlyButton Bracelet- Custom colors avail.Deaf Awareness Stamp necklaceBottled Ice53mm Pocket watch necklace. Bumblebee with jewels and cageDomino Bracelet, Sunset or NatureEggshell Sunset HeartLil' Steampunk HeartSteampunk Sunset'Tree Of Life In The Woods''Pastel Storm'A Domino FallPauwa Cross, TrinityGlow in the Dark "18 necklace'Marbled Sunset'Sunset-Nail Polish'Nutty Flower Set''Time & A Wing'

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