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Groom and Bride via Nichole WoodallGroom and Bride via Nichole Woodall
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Hi Family and Friends!

Nichole Woodall was the 'official' photographer and her photos are all in this album with the help of husband Tim Woodall, there are wonderful shots to look at.

If you see any you would like to purchase, the company that my website is with has great prices and some neat things you can get your photo on.

Greg and I would like to thank you all for attending. If you missed the wedding, please visit to see info about Greg and I and other pre-wedding photos.

Thanks Nichole and Tim!
Cousin Lisa Grovier attending the gift tableFriend Breanna Young attending the guest bookThe Salisbury PraysbandGreg and Jennifer Callaway Pre-serviceJohn Shaw & Mary BowerJohn Shaw & Mary BowerFriend Mack Young & Cousin Dana MathenyBrother Dennis Epperson & Cousin Vickie Gossett

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