This is my Student Art Resource Page. Students of all ages are welcome to come here and play. There are also resources for parents to help children with hands on art as well.


 Inspirational Artist's Pages

The following links are some of my favorite artist's. Some awesome individuals who inspire me and my students.

Juilian Beaver- Does 3-D street art. 

Armin Merismann- This mans work is phenomenal. His drawings look like photographs.

Vincent Van Gogh- This is a great website of Vincents works. There is also an excellent video and breakdown of the song 'Vincent' by Don McLean. The break down of the lyrics to the song even refer to links and pictures that are referenced in the LYRICS Vincent Lyrics Page and video

Akiane: Child Prodigy- This young lady has a true gift and and her gallery is something to behold. The picture start from the early age of 4 and go to nearly present day. She is an adult now. Start at the bottom of the Gallery and work your way to the top to see the progression of her talents.

Art to Make the Mind Wonder


Spirograph Anyone? -- This site is one you can have fun with for hours making your own art.

This is an awesome site in itself. It is set to to to the Experiments part of the site. Choose FLAME first (leads to FlamePainter, click Free on second line of the menu up top. Also MINI APPS for elementary as well)play with that, then play with the other experiments.  This one and the Water 2 are my students favorites and Fire 2 and...wait...they love them all. Enjoy! 

Silk Painter-- This is similar to the site above with some different options similar to MyOats. Lots of fun!

BOMOMO--This one is great for the younger elementary students as they just have to pick a brush and click on the screen.

Pixel Art--Pixel Art creations

GRAFITTI CREATOR-- Fun fun fun! click and fill in.

Kalidescope Style-- Create your own designs in this hands on fun activity

Quick Draw-- Beat the clock with your drawing prompt.

Sketchpad Online--Ooodles of fun experimenting with online drawing tools.

Google Arts & Cultures-- Games to play and activities to do that spark art & cultures from the past.


ATC's For All- This is a website that I belong to where I swap Artist Trading Cards. Come look at the Galleries. This link will take you to the Gallery on AFA and then browse the site. Do a search for Dragonfly15 and you will find my cards.

Tangle Patterns- If you are interested in Zentangle Art, you may like to create Zentangle Inspired Art with organized doodling.

Photo Editing Software- Free photo editing software...(with internal upgrades)

CANVA- Free acct. Create a quote on a background scene to post on social media. Create a meme or letterhead. Create a business card...
Unsplash--A free image resource to use with the above two photo editing software.

Interesting Art

Weburbanist--This website has some bizarre forms of art on it. Is this Art? You decide.

The Chapel of Thanksgiving in Dallas, TX. --An Awesome Stain Glass

Sandcastles-- Can you get art out of playing in the sand? These people do and some win money...

Coffee Art? -- Is it art if it only lasts 60 seconds? Take a look at how pictures are created using coffee and cream. Watch Coffee Art here

Hands on Art Lessons

100 Crafty Kids Projects from Michaels

One Point Perspective-ErikaLandcaster

Things to Search on YOUTUBE (clickable links to searches)


Other Interesting Links

This section has some links to other sites that I am involved with. Please take a moment to check them out.

Quizlet- A Phenomenal Study aide. Play games and learn while having fun.

Free Rice- Play Free Rice, learn something fun and feed someone around the world!

Beliefnet--What do you believe? I believe God has a plan for all of us. Beliefnet is a site for people of all faiths to come together and look at what they believe in. Most will tell you that they believe in a higher power, they want peace, love and good health. Inspiration is important!

The Secret-- Make your life happen the way you want it to. Life life to the fullest! BELIEVE!

Pinterest-- Mrs. E's Pinterest Boards

This is the most inspiring man I have ever seen in my life! Make sure to watch Arthur's story by Frank Mefrano. It will make you want to be a better person than you already are! 

If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed - William McRaven, US Navy Admiral

KID President on a Pep Talk